The Sketchbook Project

Dont think I've been slacking or that I'm dead. Here are a few examples of the Sketchbook Project that I'm working on. I wanted it to be completely analog but as usual, i have fallen onto the crutch of compositing to fill in some gaps. My theme is secret codes.



The Disquieted Few present the Trigger Effect

The theme for the next Halloween show has been chosen, and it s a good one. {Phobia}

The Trigger Effect will be this year's theme and will reveal our deepest Phobias in graphic detail, maybe you share our fear?

I want to document this process from the ground up. Here are a few pre-pretory sketches for my comps. I'll be posting new images as the month deteriorates. Any advice will be ignored.


The Art of the Moustache

No one questions the greatness of Daniel Day Lewis acting ability. He's every bit as intense as Brando and seems to completely become the character he's inhabiting. But what about his moustache? Have you noticed the intimidation that it evokes? I bet it smells like whiskey and Old Spice.( I don't mean the current Old Spice that marketed for weird 30-somethings, but my father's Old Spice, cheap, wonderful MUSK!). I've been calling DDL's moustache Hortho, you should too. I image Hortho got DDL the part in There Will Be Blood. After his gritty performance of a turn of the century moustache in Gangs of New York, I cannot image Paul Anderson denying Hortho anything he wanted.

While DDL is a quite introvert, Hortho is a reckless sex machine. He's been spotted partying it up with Colin Farrel and Rober Downey Jr. Hortho has recently signed a 3 year contract with Sony where he will be featured in a slew of Movies and games. He has already filmed the part of Allan Quatermain's moustache in the reboot of the Alan Moore novel The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman and is currently shooting the AE series "Murphy's Law" where he plays Tom Selleck's moustache in lieu of Tom Sellecks real moustache.



Finally, up and running

Not wanting to make any more excuses for why my old website it is. hopefull i will have all content published by the end of Sept but i'm not holding my breathe.

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