Hamilton Wood Type Museum/Workshop

Here are some images from the Wood Type Workshop in two Rivers WI. The museum is curated by Jim Moran, an awesome guy who is not only knowledgeable about the history of type but a great instructor in regards to setting type. I highly recommend spending the day at the museum to all designers and artists who like to get dirty.



The Uncanny Valley

I'm still working on a short essay titled the Homunculi Theory which I thought was going to be one of the more provocative titles I had come up with until this thing was sent to me.  We have been talking a lot about what made the Mo-Cap Robert Zemeckis movies so creepy. Apparently we were not alone, in fact there is quite a lot of literature to explain why "almost" life like is worse than a corpse or a zombie. This gray area between robot and human is called the uncanny valley.

What I find most interesting is how people have tried to pin point what exactly it is that is so unnerving about the look of these things. All of the explanations make sense but some see more plausible than others.



If your looking for something to read and have already plowed through all of the Hellboy's and everything by Alan Moore, you should move onto Scalped. This is an awesome series by Jason Aaron and illustrated by R. M. Guéra, published monthly by Vertigo Comics.

I dont want to spoil anything so I'll just let you dive in but i will say this, it's not for the faint of heart.


New Stop Motion 

Here are the boards for the new animation Bradley, Dom and myself are about to begin. It's a nightmare Katy had as kid, it's really creepy.

Download PDF


More nudes

I have to remember that I have been classically trained to render boobies and butts


cooking with semiotics‏

I saw this video in undergrad and have had trouble sleeping ever since. Thanks to Jeremy Schulz for finding the clip. His site is


Some more nudes

I have a few more to upload to the painting page. Check it out at the end of the month.


Done and done

Finally, after years of constant procrastination I finished my calendar. Two months late...that's not very good timing Rhythm and Blues.


Did I stutter?

Get ready to cream in you jeans folks, this shit is happening


Pillagers of Aton

Back in the saddle. The Piranha Bros have started to develop another table top game and this time I not only get to render the characters(full color this time) but also the maps. There's a gallery under painting that I'll try and stay on top of. What do you think of Daniel-Day Lewis as Lincoln?

this is the Northlander, kind of based off of the vikings from Conan.

this is the Ranger. He came out crazy dark on print so some serious levels adjustments were needed.