Dark Rey

Some fan art for a girl who did me a solid. Prints available in early Aug -11x17 = $10



Such a weird story behind this but here is a 90% version of the logo / mascot


Pennywise Commission

Will the real Pennywise please stand up? We are talking to you Mr. Curry--

Thanks for the opprotunity to draw this amazing actor Kevin, here is some process for the rest of you.



xenomorph commission


Bates Motel Commission

Well, technically not the motel but you know the place by now


Please bear with me

We recently just sold our house which means things have been nuts with the move out and in. I will be spotty on keeping my Friday posts this month but will totally be on point in March. Till then, here is a quick Wolverine I did at the DuPage Con last weekend. I'll transfer the traditional to digital and color it up and add a background so keep your eyes peeled. BTW, if your watching True Detective Season 3 you may have noticed that Steven Dorff would make a great Wolverine. Grizzled and the right height.


The Bat and the Usual Suspects


The Wolverine

Can you believe that this girl I was talking to last week didn't know that wolverines were real animals? Crazy right? Batman is coming as is Capt Marvel Process


The Nightmare Before Christmas - with Process

The Batman and Captain Marvel are finished but I did want to share this before the others since I did a better job of chronicling the entire rendering process. I've been doing the cons for a few years now and have been taking notes on what sells and what's popular. Jack and Sally seem to appeal to a wide range of people despite that movie being 25 years old. I wanted to throw my hat into the ring with a nice sweet image of the two main characters dancing in the moon light. Here is my original under painting done in watercolor and two reference sketches to be used as composite pieces.

I took all three of those images into Ps and started a more realized composition-

All the main elements are in place so now I moved onto more modeling and lighting-

Looking a bit more realized but Sally needed more underpainting-

And here is where I am currently, still needs about another two hours of treatment but it's pretty close and it came together really fast. I'll answer some of your questions about style in my next post. I hope to see you all at the DuPage show next month.



The Batman will be finished tonight so I'll post that really soon. Here is the other Captain from the MU with a little more modeling and lighting. I'll post all sketches and process next week.